• My First Job: Enterprise

    Launched jointly by one of the foremost representatives of Turkish entrepreneurialism in the 17 countries where it operates, Çalık Holding, and one of Turkey’s oldest universities, Yıldız Technical University Technology Transfer Office, “My First Job: Enterprise” is an entrepreneurship contest aimed at spreading a culture of entrepreneurialism among university students and academicians, reinforcing their academic knowledge on business planning and business establishment processes, bringing out and developing new business ideas.

  • Renovation Projects at Universities

    Çalık Holding, conducts renovation projects at universities to create contemporary learning environments for students. Accordingly Boğaziçi University Civil Engineering Department Hydraulics Laboratory, İTÜ Mining Faculty Precious Metals Laboratory and Civil Engineering Faculty Seminar Room have been renewed and additionally special display units were created to exhibit ancient measurement tools at the department.

  • Electronic Waste Recycling Works

    Çalık Holding carries out awareness activities regarding electronic waste and recycling within the company as well as collecting them for recycling within the scope of Electronic Waste Day to support the Turkey Education Volunteers Foundation’s (TEGV) "Disposal Donations" campaign. The scrap value obtained from e-waste is used for contributing to the education of children with limited opportunities through TEGV.

  • Restoration of Atatürk's Yalova Chalet (Walking Chalet)

    Atatürk once had had the Yalova Chalet slid on rails so that it would not damage a plane tree. This Chalet was restored with the support of Çalık Holding and inaugurated on 18 August 2006 with a ceremony held in the garden of the Chalet. Atatürk had said: "No branch to be cut; but the chalet to be moved" and the chalet was moved 4.8 meters and came to be known as the "Walking Chalet". It served Atatürk for many years as a resting and working place. It was restored, including landscaping, with everything it contains, respecting the original character of the building and of its contents.