A Member of the Çalık Family


Underlying our standing as one of the finest institutions in Turkey in employee satisfaction and engagement is the devotion we demonstrate on our path to success, as Members of Çalık Family. Working with devotion adds to our shared success as well as responsibilities. In this diverse family, we show respect to one another. The roof we work under is more of a home than an office to us, and our colleagues are our family. It is our sincerity and loyalty that puts that ubiquitous smile on our faces. And it is those smiling faces that makes Çalık Holding a big family.

Çalık with Figures

Çalık Group provides services in six sectors with a competent and dynamic human resource including more than 15,000 employees that play an important role in Turkey’s integration into the global economy as well as its international competitiveness, robust financial structure, respected business partners, and high quality projects.