Wage Management and Benefits

Çalık Holding has a wage management system in place in line with its strategies, long-term targets, and risk management structure. The Wage Management System is designed to ensure that the human resource required for sustainable success is introduced to the Holding, retained, rewarded, and motivated.

The Wage Management system is based on the size of the job performed and performance indicators. The goal is to reward performance and to ensure sustainability of success. To do this, an equal pay for equal work policy as well as a wage management system that identifies and rewards high performance employees has been adopted.
Our Holding has a private health insurance scheme in place that covers our white-collar employees.

At our annual seniority incentive award ceremony, employees with 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of service are awarded by our Board Chairman. Furthermore, employees are given a gift certificate on their birthdays.

All employees are provided with lunch and food service at overtime either at the cafeteria or with vouchers. Furthermore, shuttles are operated from various neighborhoods to transport our employees to and back from work. Employees at manager level and higher who drive their own vehicles are also provided with fuel allowance.

Training & Development

In line with our vision & mission, values and strategy, our training system has been structured to help Holding and Group Companies become Learning Organizations, to raise awareness, efficiency and motivation of our employees, and therefore, help them attain superior performance levels.

Our training activities aim to develop the personal knowledge, skills, corporate effectiveness and professional competencies of our employees and to forge a common attitude among our employees.

An orientation program backed by an introduction, system and process training is implemented in order to ensure our employees complete their adaptation rapidly and efficiently.

In addition to Professional / Technical trainings, we also design special trainings specific to individuals and/or our teams as a follow-up to our “Development Center Programs.”

Performance Management

Strategic Performance Management in place at Çalık Holding and Group Companies is the whole of processes that allow us achieve our vision and strategy by ensuring sustainable harmonization of individual goals and performances with the corporate strategy. Holding and Group Companies have a Goal-Based Performance Management System in place.